Use Daylight Savings to Create Healthy Habits!

Good morning, Murrieta and Temecula Valley! Are you ready to start your day right? Are you ready for the 30-day hot tub challenge???

On November 4th, Daylight Savings officially ends which means that get to set your clock back a whole hour!  What does that mean? It means that you will naturally wake up an hour earlier than you are used to.

This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the time change and create some healthy habits.  Instead of hitting the snooze button, use this extra hour to start your day on the right foot.

Your morning should be an inspiring, worthwhile and joyous time that sets the tone for your entire day. Here is the morning routine we at Valley Hot Spring Spas recommend to get the very best start to your day.

6 Reasons to Start Your Day in the Hot Tub!


One of the most productive things you can do to start your day on the right foot should happens before you go to sleep the previous day.

  1. Set your towel and bathing suit next to your bed to that you can wake up and go.
  2. Set your coffee maker to brew about 15 minutes before you get up. You can grab a mug on the way out and you have the added benefit of waking up to the delicious aroma of fresh, brewed coffee.

Plus, if you brew it at home you’re saving yourself some green, too. Spending even just a couple of dollars five days a week on coffee can set you back more than $500 over the course of a year (or as much as $1,300 for a daily five-dollar latte).


You are going to naturally wake up an hour earlier.  This will only last a few days so take advantage of is now!  Get up!  Create new habits! Those 10 extra few minutes of shuteye tend to be low-quality, light sleep that do you no good anyway – It takes your body at least 90 minutes to go through a regenerating sleep cycle.  While a morning soak in the hot tub has a crazy amount of benefits.


Most people take long, hot showers because it feels so good and warms them up in the cold mornings.  Instead of wasting all that water in the shower to warm up, jump in the hot tub first thing in the morning.  The hot water will warm you up, the jets will get rid of all the stiffness from the night and you will love the smaller water bill.


Visualization techniques help elite athletes perform better, and we can do the same thing to improve our days. The perfect time to go visualize how your day will go is in the morning while in a relaxed state (like in the hot tub).

What are your intentions for the day? What do you want your day to look like? What tasks do you want to accomplish? What activities do you want to enjoy? (This can be work related, time spent with family or even recreational activities you want to do that day.) Sit and spend a few moments visualizing your day ahead, seeing everything falling into place and working according to plan. How would you feel if they were already done? This sense of fulfillment will renew your drive and make for a much more peaceful and productive day.

Your day might not necessarily go as imagined or planned, but you’ll be more likely to be focused on what matters most to you during the day. This technique also works for long-term planning: Visualize what you want to achieve in the next year or in the next five years and how you’ll get there. You might be surprised by how effective this small practice can be.


Quieting the brain is a time-honored way to be more creative, more contemplative and more in touch with oneself. The studies just keep on coming out on the incredible benefits of daily meditation.  There is no better place to meditate that outside, in the morning, in the hot tub. And there is not better way to begin your day.  I have found a wonderful, 10-minute meditation App called, “Headspace”.  You can download it onto your phone and it will guide you through a perfect 10-minute meditation every day.  The app is FREE and is good for beginners as well as seasoned meditators.  I highly recommend giving Headspace a go.


Millions of people rush through hectic mornings, cramming as many tasks as they can in the shortest period of time. But this is the opposite of what a morning should be, which is the launch of a day where you feel happy, relaxed, and in control. Rethink how you use your time in the morning. Give yourself that extra hour for some “Me time”.

Experts on happiness point out that a happy life is made up of happy days, not postponing happiness until the future. So being awake, relaxed, optimistic, and in control—all essential ingredients for a happy day—is something you owe yourself. Sit down with yourself, consult with your family, and see if you can find ways to make sure every morning comes closer to this ideal.

Happy Hot Tubbing!

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