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Why Cal Spas Fitness Series Swim Spa?


Swim or Soak? Swim spas are gaining in popularity and the reasons are obvious.

The Cal Spas Swim Series provides many benefits, but most importantly they are completely multifunctional. You will no longer have to choose between using your spa for relaxation or exercise. Swim spas can provide both.

  1. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise – Swimming has been proven to be an excellent source of cardio. Our fitness series spas can also be used for low-impact underwater running, aerobics, Pilates, and strength training with elastic resistance bands.
  2. Swim spas are much smaller than traditional pools and save space – Fitness Series spas start at 12-ft. so you can easily make space no matter what the size of your backyard.
  3. Efficient maintenance – Swim spas require much less water and chemicals to maintain than regular pools. They also require less energy to heat, reducing costs.
  4. Family Friendly – Since most swim spas are only 4-4.5 feet deep, they are safer for younger members of the family than full-sized pools.
  5. Multi-functional – Swim Spas can also be used as a traditional spa for hydrotherapy and relaxation. You can have the best of both worlds.
  6. Rehabilitation – Swim spas are perfect for rehabilitation as they are low resistance and very easy on your joints and muscles.

Whether you are just beginning your fitness regimen or you have been swimming for a long time, a Swim Series by Cal Spas is a wise investment in your health and well-being.