Why It’s Worth The Wait

We know that waiting for a new spa can be painful! Rest assured that we are producing Freeflow spas to ship to local dealers across the country as fast as we can.

But… Is it worth the wait? You bet.

Investing in your health and wellness is always worth it. Hot tub hydrotherapy combines heat, buoyancy, and massage to relax muscles, increase circulation, and help relieve pain and tension. When your spa arrives, you’ll know that next time you’re sore from sitting at your desk or working out that you can simply slip into your Freeflow spa and melt the day away.

Not to mention the priceless memories and endless laughs you’ll create with friends and family when you gather and bond in the bubbles.

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Freeflow spas are low maintenance, Plug-and-Play hot tubs designed to fit your lifestyle. Simply place, fill with a garden hose, and plug into any standard outlet.

We also have an outstanding customer support team along with a Hot Tub Hub, Owner’s Corner, and entire blog full of resources to support you with anything you need on your hut tubbing journey!

Once your spa arrives, you’ll be soaking in the heat in about 24 hours! And when you’re finally sinking deep into the soothing jets, you’ll think, “yep, this was worth the wait.”

➡️ Check out this message from Scott Iverson, Watkins Wellness’ Director of Sales Training, on why your new Freeflow spa is worth the wait.

The fastest way to get you soaking in your own spa is to contact your local dealer. You can locate yours here!

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