“Trick” out your Hot Tub for Halloween

What better way to make your Halloween party memorable than incorporating your hot tub? It’s an excellent way to utilize your backyard space.  You can set up all the food and beverages around the hot tub and use it as an elaborate decorative center piece for the party. Or, better yet, how about a Halloween Hot Tub Party?

Your creativity is unlimited with what you can do. You can easily make your hot tub look spooky or even dangerous! Your guests will eat it up, or scream, or be dying to get in! Here are a few creative tips to help you “trick” out your hot tub or swim spa for your Halloween party!

“Bloody Massacre” in the Hot Tub

Switch your LED lighting to red and add submersible red LED lights to your water for a more blood-red appearance. Place plastic skeletons, bones, body parts and skulls on the area around your hot tub.

There is a red dye that is specifically formulated for pools and hot tubs. Party Pool!, LLC. Sells a dye designed as a pool additive that will not stain your tiles or your guests clothes. Just pour it in to your pool or hot tub to create a bloody scene and it will filter out within a few days.

Witches Cauldron Hot Tub

Transform your hot tub into a huge, bubbling pot of witch’s brew just for you and your guests. Switch your LED lighting to green or purple. Add some eye balls, frogs, plastic body parts or skeleton bones floating in the water and around your hot tub. The steam and bubbles from the jets will complete the scene perfectly.  I always offer a witch’s brew cocktail to match.

Radioactive Acid Hot Tub

Transform your spa into a “Radioactive Acid Tub” for the evening.  Set your lights to green. Add submersible green LED lights to your water for an even more striking effect. Then, hang up a “Danger Acid” sign near your hot tub and wrap “Warning, Danger” tape all over to create the perfect illusion.  Add some body parts to the bubbling, steaming hot water and “Voila!” Your guests will love it.

Set Up a Snack Table

The refreshments are usually the central gathering point of the party.  Why not set up all the food and beverages around the hot tub and use it as an elaborate decorative center piece for the party? For the drinks, consider some glowing orange or green punch decorated with eyeball sticks.  Or, serve a blood red vampire drink, or a green witch’s concoction!

Deviled eggs, peeled grapes as eyeballs, spooky spinach dip, mummy brie…the sky is the limit with Halloween themed party food.  Pinterest is a great place to search for Halloween-themed food.

Get Foggy

If your hot tub is outside, set up a fog machine somewhere in your backyard to create a truly eerie environment. Stick fake tombstones in your grass, lay skeletons on the floor and put rubber snakes, insects and rats in your bushes.  You can also cut out bat shapes from black construction paper and hang them in trees, drape fake cobwebs over your bushes and stick motion sensor props near where people are likely to be. This will be sure to give your guests a scare.

Light the pathway with Candles and Jack-O-Lanterns

Lighting is everything! Consider adding some orange hanging light strings in your trees or patio cover over your hot tub.

You can also set up electric candles or your decorated pumpkins to create an ultra-spooky pathway around your hot tub.

Do be careful and keep electronics several feet away from your hot tub.

Things that Float

Look for some glow sticks at the local dime store. Stick them inside black and orange balloons before you inflate them. Then, inflate the balloons and tie them off. You now have glowing orbs to decorate with around or above your hot tub.

Hang the Spiderwebs

Nothing says spooky Halloween better than spiderwebs.

Buy some and hang them from the ceiling – the goal is to create the lair of a spider. Hang some plastic spiders or bugs on the web to up the ick factor.

How about a Hot Tub Halloween Party?

An entire theme around your hot tub is another option and can be great fun.  Invite your guests to come in hot tub/aquatic themed costumes.  Mermaids, Life Guards, Olympian swimmers, scuba divers, Aqua Man – you can even throw in Princess Leia with her iconic gold bikini.

Scary movie night

Movies in the hot tub are so much fun. If you don’t have an outdoor TV in your spa area, don’t worry. It’s just as fun to make your own DIY outdoor movie screen, which you can position toward your hot tub.

All you need is a projector, a bed sheet, some speakers and a love for horror flicks!

When it comes to decorating for Halloween, don’t stop inside your house. Give your backyard and your hot tub your creative touch.

Enjoy the fun of the season and creative a fun, festive backyard for your guests to soak in!

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Happy Halloween!

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