Super Bowl Stressing You Out? Time to Get in Hot Water… In Your Hot Tub

Football fans take the Super Bowl seriously. All those Critical matchups, tight games and crushing defeats can leave you in a tither. Go to the local bar during a game and you are sure to see angry outbursts, yelling at the TV screen, and a slew of other behavior that releases adrenalin that can reduce blood flow to the heart, increase heart rate and drive blood pressure through the roof.

Solution? “A soothing and relaxing soak in your hot tub can help counteract the stress caused by the Super Bowl” says Jason Joswick, the owner of Valley Hot Spring Spas of Temecula.

Whether your team is winning or losing, the warm water and soothing massage work relieves anxiety and relaxes tense muscles.

So many people watch the big game at home, so it’s the perfect opportunity to wind down in the hot tub afterwards.” Joswick says. “It’s also a great way to entertain guests and calm down fans from opposing teams.

The Science Behind How a Hot Tub Can Help Relieve Stress

A soak in the hot tub has proven to put your body into a deeply relaxed state. During his research, Dr. Bruce Becker, a physician and research professor at Washington State University, found that the sympathetic nervous system (which increases when you’re stressed) and the parasympathetic nervous system (which helps your body to calm down), balance out when you soak in warm water. Your nervous system reacts to warm water in exactly the same way that it reacts to meditation. During his studies, Becker found that stress levels were decreased in all subjects who immersed their body in warm water.

A study by E. J. Sung and Y. Tochihara analyzed how soaking in warm water improved sleep. The National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) suggests that this sleep improvement may be a result of the water’s buoyancy. The water, supports approximately 90 percent of your normal body weight, relieving stress from your joints and muscles and making you feel weightless.

As you can see, soaking in a hot tub is an incredible way to help you manage the stress in your life. Not only are hot tubs fun and enjoyable, but they can also help to give you a happier and more pleasant life through relaxation.

So go ahead and enjoy this Sunday’s game and then recoup by taking 15 to 20 minutes to sit quietly, breathe deeply and gain perspective in your hot tub!

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