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Saunas Health and Wellness

  • Health Benefits

    Saunas are warm, welcoming retreats with many social and therapeutic benefits. Now you can enjoy the benefits of a centuries-proven thermal therapy in the comfort and privacy of your own home with a Cal Heat Sauna. Our saunas combine advanced engineering with distinctive innovations and styling and are available in both indoor and outdoor configurations for your enjoyment. Regular sauna use combined with exercise therapy can help purge the body of unwanted chemicals, solvents and toxic elements and promote many wellness benefits.

  • Rejuvenate In Comfort

    Just a few minutes in the warmth of your Cal Heat Sauna will soothe nerves, relieve tension and relax tight muscles. With Cal Heat’s wide selection of sauna styles, sizes, options and accessories, you can customize the perfect sauna to meet your Home Resort and budget ideals.

  • Detoxify the Body

    A sauna’s beneficial heat enhances the body’s natural detoxification process through the process of sweating. Warmth causes capillaries to dilate and increases blood flow, which pushes the heart to pump faster. Increased circulation allows the body to collect and flush out waste products. Sweat carries these waste products out of the body through the pores.

  • Promote Weight Loss*

    Studies have shown that a heat bath can burn hundreds of calories. As the body works to cool itself, the heart rate, metabolic rate and cardiac output increase. As a result, blood circulation increases substantially, which promotes cardiovascular conditioning. *Always consult your physician prior to beginning any weight loss program.

  • Improve the Immune System

    During a sauna session, the body’s temperature increases to a feverish level. A fever is the body’s natural defense to combating bacteria and viral agents, neither of which survive well at temperatures higher than normal body temperature. When fighting a cold, sitting in a sauna also helps to relieve nasal congestion and minor respiratory discomforts.

  • Relieve Muscle & Joint Stress

    Soothing heat from a sauna provides relief to stressed joints and tight muscles. As muscles are heated and warmed, they become more flexible and limber. Exposed to high heat, the body releases endorphins, which are the body’s natural pain relieving chemicals. Increased blood circulation also delivers oxygenrich blood to tired muscles to aid in muscle recovery.

  • Improve Skin Complexion

    Cal Heat Saunas also aid rejuvenation of the skin for a vibrant complexion. As your body sweats, skin is cleansed from the inside out as increased circulation draws the skin’s own natural nutrients to the surface. As the heart pumps harder, more oxygen is delivered to the skin. Regular sauna usage promotes improved skin tone, elasticity, texture and clarity.

  • Types Of Heat:

    Cal Heat Saunas are designed to alleviate muscle tension, promote deep relaxation and naturally detoxify the body using one of three types of heat: Steam, infrared or carbon fiber.

  • Infared

    Infrared or “Far Infrared” heating (found on our Infrared Series) uses a wavelength of energy found in sunlight’s invisible spectrum to provide soothing heat. In an infrared sauna, the heat passes through the skin, warms the body through molecular vibration and promotes perspiration. Infrared saunas are generally much cooler than steam saunas because the body absorbs most of the wavelengths. While steam saunas regularly reach temperatures from 140º to 190º, infrared saunas provide many of the same health benefits of traditional steam saunas but only raise the indoor temperature from 105º to 140º. The benefits of an infrared sauna are felt quickly due to the relatively short amount of time needed to preheat.

  • Steam

    Steam or “traditional” heating (found on our Custom and Outdoor series) uses an electrical element to produce steam from the combination of heated rocks and water. Rocks efficiently store heat and provide an excellent surface for the release of steam when water is applied. By using rocks in the entire heater, the Cal Heat design ensures an even distribution of heat and steam for a more comfortable and effective sauna experience. Our steam saunas are designed to maximize airflow and to ensure fast, effective and efficient heat distribution.

  • Carbon Fiber

    Carbon Fiber heating (found on our Carbon Fiber Series) operates similarly to infrared heating. In a Carbon Fiber sauna, the wavelength is optimized to more deeply diffuse through the skin and heat the body. The human body is made up primarily of carbon and water, so the spectrum from a carbon fiber heater is easier for the body to absorb. Carbon fiber heaters emit the most even and direct deep penetrating heat, enhancing detoxification, pain relief and increasing blood flow. Also, lower surface temperatures of the carbon fiber heater and lower indoor temperatures from 100º to 125º make this type of sauna both extremely comfortable and effective.